THE Installation Process







Before any work is carried out, a member of our team will visit you.

  • Our engineer will do a full feasibility & risk assessment – including assessing -work access; -the terrain;
    -water flow & drainage analysis;
    -any potential impact to the people and surroundings; -and any requirement for specialised assets.
  • We'll take measurements of the construction area.
  • To discuss your specific requirements.
    One thing we've learned in all the years we've been working in this industry, is that no two projects are ever the same.
  • By sitting down with you, we'll get a chance to assess your particular requirements – thus allowing us to offer you a custom solution to fit both your style and pocket.
  • Giving you full peace of mind - and offering an opportunity to ask questions, or talk through any concerns you might have.
  • Explaining the process from beginning to end, so you'll know exactly what to expect.
  • If required – we'll schedule a visit to our showroom in Sidcup, where you can view samples of the actual product.
  • We'll discuss a time-line for completion.
  • And finally, to set things in motion - and if needed, to schedule a starting date.

1.  Preparation  -  On the agreed start date, a dedicated construction teams will attend the location.  Their primary focus will be to complete the installation to the highest of standards, as quick as possible - ensuring little to no impact to your day-to-day routine.

Our team will begin by protecting all sensitive areas around the construction site.  This include covering walls, stairs, paved or any areas not affected by the installation.

To ensure a longer lasting concrete construction, we excavate all old paving and foundations.

We then compact and level out a sub-base, with a minimum thickness of 4 inches.

After boxing out any drainage, recesses and fromwork, a PVC membrane is placed over the prepared sub-base.  This provides a clean barrier between foreign and organic matter, and the new concrete surface.


2.  Wet Concrete Application  -  The prepared areas are then covered with no less than 4 inches of fibre mesh reinforced concrete. Our concrete mixture is specifically formulated to withstand the constant and extreme stress, placed on such areas where heave vehicles and people traffic are prevalent.  The mixture is then agitated and levelled out, to ensure there are no cavities, weak spots or uneven areas.


3.  Surface Customisation -  Having given the newly laid surface time to set, the surface is then decorated with the patterns and textures, as specified during the consultation process.

Two layers of industrial grade colour compound is applied – thus giving the surface the desired appearance.  Our colourants are specially formulated to resist the harmful effects of the sun and rain, allowing the original colour and texture to remain virtually unchanged.


4.  Contraction Joints  -  To avoid cracking, we add joints in the concrete.  Depending on the weather, these joints allow the surface to expend and contract.


5.  Protection & Sealing  -  After allowing the surface to cure and absorb the colourant, a final clean-up of the surface, joints and textures are done.  Finally, the area is then protected using a hard-wearing chemical sealant.  This not only gives the finished surface a beautiful appearance, but it also protect it from the weather.


6.  Clearing Up  -  We pride outsell on being a environmentally responsible company.  As such, after construction we remove and responsibly dispose of all our construction waste.


Our ongoing post-installation support and maintenance

Ongoing post-installation support and maintenance• Leaving you with a beautifully crafted driveway, path or patio is not where our commitment to you end.  We offer ongoing support, maintenance and repairs on all our products.


• We offer a FREE lifetime reseal service on all our concrete surfaces, so you will continue to enjoy your driveway, path or patio for year to come.

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