Perfect for busy Commercial areas

Why Decorative Imprinted Concrete?

UniquePrint-Driveways offer decorative commercial concrete installation services, perfect for just about any type of industrial or commercial application.  Whether it's a driveway outside your family home or an entrance to a busy business park, our custom concrete installations offer the perfect combination of beauty, strength and durability.  That is why companies like McDonald's and KFC often opt for decorative imprinted concrete, in order to resurface their drive-thru or customer parking areas.

Our pattern imprinted surfaces are perfect for business parks, shopping centres, entrance lobbies, display rooms, manufacturing facilities, workshops, warehousing, forecourts, vehicle access, customer parking, walkways, assembly points and social- or large built-up areas.


We provide a wide range of industrial floor installation and resurfacing options, all capable of providing the high level of performance and durability, as required for most demanding industrial conditions.  Our services include the application of  patterned concrete finishes on new installations, concrete staining, repairs to imprinted concrete surfaces, and a lifelong resealing service.


Our commercial concrete applications are ideal for:

  •  Any new industrial development;
  •  Any commercial space, in need of a facelift;
  •  Waterproofing and staining of concrete surfaces;
  •  Fixing cracks;
  •  Functional concrete floor coatings for warehouses;
  •  Resurfacing of built-up areas;
  •  Resurfacing interior floor spaces;
  •  Outdoor areas supporting large volumes of footfall and vehicle traffic;
  •  Creating firm and non-slip surfaces.


Benefits of using our commercial decorative concrete service:

  •  It’s cost effective;
  •  Durable and long-lasting;
  •  It is suitable for areas big and small;
  •  Can be used for indoor and outdoor spaces;
  •  It's energy efficient;
  •  Our products and services support local industry;
  •  Ideal for our UK climate;
  •  Looks beautiful, and can be customised via different textures and colours;
  •  Slip resistant, waterproof and fireproof;
  •  Resist oil, rust, mould, moss and tire marks;
  •  Resist peeling, chipping, fading and subsidence.



Our commercial imprinted and decorative concrete surfaces come in a variety of colours and textures, thus helping you create a truly unique look and feel.

Our resurfacing technique is a non-traditional, concrete-based decorative impression process, capable of adhering to virtually any solid sub-base – and can be applied to surfaces like brick, slate, marble, stone, etc.

Our imprinted concrete surfaces requires very little maintenance, and provides exceptionally long-lasting protection.

A pattern imprinted concrete surface will save you money, while enhancing the quality and appearance of an otherwise normal commercial floor.


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